Ion Georgescu

Between Picturesque and Surrealist Audacities at Castle Kilbride - Artist Exhibition

Between Picturesque and Surrealist Audacities at Castle Kilbride

For a period of almost three months, March 3 - May 27, 2012, Belvedere Art Gallery hosted the exhibition painter and poet Ion Georgescu-Muscel, entitled Between Picturesque and surrealist Audacities.
This is the first exhibition in Canada of the painter Ion Georgescu-Muscel at Castle Kilbride in Baden, Ontario, recognized as a monument of historical, architectural and artistic.       

Built in 1877 by James Livingstone, carefully restored respecting all of the Victorian style, it retains the atmosphere of life IXX-XX centuries and houses the Museum of the Royal Canadian Legion Legion, Wilmont Historical Museum and Art Gallery Belvedere.
"We stopped by one admiring each painting color combination, the game lights, perspective, especially the theme, feeling lived in the painting itself retrieval.?  Reached the last picture, you are immediately tempted to take it from the beginning. In fact, small steps with you over every aspect of the gallery is the way of life and everyday experiences of the artist."  (Alexandru Tomescu)