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Ion Georgescu - Biography

Ion Georgescu - Muscel is a Romanian poet and painter who is currently canadian resident. As a profession Ion is a Romanian language teacher, now retired. His passion for painting was his companion all his life since childhood.
Before being a painter, he is a great lover of nature and art. He now likes more to create canvas oil paintings but this was not always the case. He nostalgically remembers how his design has evolved from pencil to pencil crayons, watercolors and then to the first mixture of watercolor paintings and toothpaste.
He is in a constant search of style, trying to penetrate in depth the symbolism of simple objects. One of his favorite themes is continually experiencing to experience the effects of light and shade as well as reducing the life story to the key concept of symbol and idea. His preferences are more towards the rustic landscapes, to old buildings over which time’s patina has set, to the static nature of flowers and fruits and to compositions that betray his identity through his memories. He also has practiced the genre scenes or the portrait.
From the Canadian landscape, he is impressed by old barns and rustic roads leading to farms.
In Romania he has published two poetry books and had several popular painting exhibitions.

Atelierul de reparat fluturi - Butterflies Repair Shop      Urcand dealul - Climbing the hill      Rezerve de Tandrete -Tenderness Reserves      Invata-ma Iubirea -Teach Me Love
     Butterflies Repair Shop                Climbing the Hill                          Tenderness Reserves                      Teach Me Love

Povara Poetica la purtator
Poetic burden on the bearer

Profil de Artist - Georgescu Muscel

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